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Want more business from the growing trend towards sustainability? From cherries to berries and MUSHROOMS to MICROGREENS, you’ll never get that guilty feeling that your packaging is sitting perfectly preserved in a landfill somewhere with the Sustainable Produce Container. And you may even increase your sales because of it!

Find out more about packaging your produce professionally AND sustainably with this recyclable and biodegradable container from Sun Sugar Farms: SHOP. And for all the reasons why you should switch to a plastic free alternative, check out the research and rantings on our BLOG pages.

Something plastic is good for?

But there are a few things plastic is good or and that's something that you want to last forever. For grocery shopping or picking produce on the farm, our patented CRESBI Crates will save you time and plastic bags and will last forever unless you run over it with a tractor (true story). Convenience CRESBIThese collapsible crate systems come with a made-in-America strap and a thermal insert with hot/cold gel pack, making them also uber-useful for picnics, potlucks and waste free containment. At the grocery put your items' barcodes up in the crates while shopping and have the checker scan it all right in the crate. Fastest checkouts ever!

Other Stuff

We also offer additional reusable products to cut down on waste and we still commercially grow our super sweet Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes for Cincinnati/NKY area stores that really care about quality and locally-grown produce.

Questions? Problems?

Sometimes the website can't keep up. Especially since we just redid it to connect with our accounting software (ugh). Please feel free to call us directly with questions about anything (especially if your shipping cost seems way off) or to get freight or high-volume prices: 859-630-2694 or [email protected].

SPC Half Pint Kraft Brown Autobottom


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