• Medieval Murder Mystery Christmas Dinner Theatre Script Kit

Medieval Christmas Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Script Kit

Written by: Linda Fritz

Looking for a murder mystery dinner theater that you could perform in your home for a group of guests that has an actual historical basis? One that reminds us how amazing it was that Christianity thrived even in the dark medieval ages?  One that's about a ruler so famous for his Christian charity he had a song written about him almost 1000 years after his death?

Characters include: 
Vaclav the Good - 28 year old Duke of Bohemia, murdered by his brother because of politics and religion 
Boleslav the Bad- Vaclav's younger brother who conspires with Bohemian nobles to kill Vaclav
Queen Drahomira - Vaclav's evil pagan mother who hates Christianity and murdered his maternal grandmother
Princess Pribislava - one of Vaclav's sisters who becomes a nun in later life
Page Podevin - Vaclav's loyal servant (this person can also play Boleslav)
Serving wenches/Nobles - serve the meal and then help murder the Duke after dessert is served

This original script kit includes the following:

  • 4 scene play outline and script
  • Decoration ideas
  • Meal suggestions based on food and dining choices in medeival times, including gluten-free items
  • Graphics to put on facebook, hang as signs, print as backup clues
  • Murder mystery questions, answers and optional bonus questions
  • The song and links to suggestions for how to sing it.

See this link for additional photos: https://www.facebook.com/linda.fritz.CRESBI/posts/10157040451128395

Only $79.95 for the kit which we will email to you upon ordering. If you are in the Cincinnati area we can also quote you pricing on actors, costumes, decorations and food. Call Linda at 859-630-2694. Check out how ours went:

Medieval Murder Mystery Christmas Dinner Theatre Script Kit

  • $79.95