Reusable Packaging

Because 1/3 of what's in landfills is just packaging that people throw away we are definitely not big believers in packaging. And why print directions when you can get a cool coaster that links to a website where a VIDEO can show you how to operate? To stop this madness, packaging for CRESBI crates is extra and either highly functional or totally reusable. Here are your exciting packaging options:

$0.25 One very thick rubber band to keep Convenience CRESBI from popping open
$0.75 "Ribbon" ONLY, tied in a bow from reusable bag or twine to keep crates from popping open
$0.75 CRESBI 3.5" pulpboard coaster paperclipped to the CRESBI crate strap (works for any systems, clips to strap)
$1.25 Ribbon & Coaster combined- CRESBI 3.5" pulpboard coaster tied in a bow of "ribbon" from reusable bag webbing

If this is shipping as a gift we can print up a notecard, or handwrite a short note on the back of the coaster, just let us know in the Order Notes what you want to say in this approximately 2"x2" printable area. Also specify if you want the invoice in the shipping box, otherwise we will not include it. If you want a specific color of "ribbon" or paper clip we will try out best to accomodate if your desired color is in stock. Call us for other options like shrink-wrapping if you are in a dusty environment like a greenhouse!

CARD $1.35 Sun Sugar Farms notecard printed with your message on the inside in an envelope paperclipped to strap


CRESBI Packaging

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