Reusable Triple-Layer Fitted Fabric Mask helps our frontline heroes!

When my nurse friend Ann said they definitely could use some masks for the Northern Kentucky St Elizabeth support staff, we went to work making the most effective reusable fitted fabric masks to donate! One of the staff had sent her 9-year-old son to stay with her ex-husband while she worked at the hospital with Covid19 patients. Having a mask for her and her little boy allowed them to spend some much cherished and deserved time together! :)

Since none of us know if we are carriers of the coronavirus - and since the virus particles are very small and light - using a mask of this type may cut down on your output of possible germs and help minimize particulates that enter your body. Think of someone smoking a cigarette and exhaling after they put on a mask: a good mask keeps their smoky air around them and your mask helps keep you from breathing that smoke in. Ordering one for yourself or your company employees helps us pay for the additional supplies we use to make these donated ones for the front line medical people and it keeps our part-time workers employed. 

Thank you for your support! We wish we could give them all away but we're already on the edge of red anyway! And these are mighty fine masks!

• Created and modified from the pattern recommended by hospitals based on a medical environment*
• Three-layer fitted design offers more protection than a surgical mask (which is primarily for protecting others from the wearer's respiratory emissions) 
• The outside layer is 100% cotton with an inside layer of heavier black cotton twill fabric (more moisture-resistant) plus a nonwoven polypropylene filter sewn into the mask
• Stretchy ear bands are softer and thinner than regular elastic
• If you don't like anything on your ears there is an option of elastic stretch bands that are worn behind the head, it adds $1/mask. Please call Linda to order this option: 859-630-2694.
• Wire in the top seam for shaping around the bridge of your nose
• Includes a pocket area for additional filters
• Includes one 100% cotton mechanic's shop towel optional filter for the pocket, you can also use it as a pattern to cut additional shop vacuum or coffee filters
• Can be hand or machine washed
• Can be worn with the reverse solid color black side out
• Unisex - fits most male or female faces
• Approximate mask dimensions: 9"x5"
• Can extend ear hooks by scrunching up fabric sewn around it or gently stretching the ear bands or using our "ear saver"
• May help filter out particulates in a dusty or dirty environment like one experiences while working with hay bales 
• Masks are made in the USA
• Masks are made partially from repurposed materials - interior black cotton twill fabric was purchased to make the CRESBI 2 Pack Bags, the built-in nonwoven polypropylene filter is from new CRESBI thermal inserts we had sorted out for bad zippers, and the bag packages were what the freezer packs had been packaged in.
• Masks are washed, dried, extra filter included and packed in a sanitary room, ready to wear upon receipt
• Care instructions included in the package
• Save your package to store your mask in when it's clean and to carry in your car
• For volume orders over 10 masks, we offer a mix of the fabric patterns we have in stock to get the discounted price.
• If you do not like the elastic ear bands or if the elastic bands ever break, replace both elastic pieces with 1/4" ribbon or even shoelaces. You can feed the 2 pieces of 18" ribbon through each ear hem (top gets tied behind the head, bottom behind the neck) or with one 36" ribbon so that only the bottom needs to be tied.  (Tip: clip a safety pin to one end of the ribbon to push through or use a crochet needle.) You can even fasten pipe cleaners to hold the mask.
• Exact color/print may vary from images shown, please call for special requests we may be able to fill as fabrics are found or donated.
• Mask can be stamped with a one-color company logo on solid color fabric, there is a $60 fabric stamp setup fee (but you get to keep the stamp) and it adds $2/mask. Call Linda for details! 859-630-2694

Insert the additional filter included into one end of the pocket, hook elastic over your ears so mask covers nose and mouth. Pinch nose wire to secure on your nose. Scrunch material over elastic to lengthen ear hooks or carefully stretch the elastic. Wash after each use. Can be worn reverse side out. You can also use other filters in the pocket. Please note: besides the included mechanic's shop towel filter, coffee filters and shop vac filters also make extremely excellent filters but can be tough to breathe through. Your call.

Remove any additional filter inserts. Hand or machine wash the mask in soap and hot water, dry on high heat or in sunlight. Use cool iron to reshape if desired. After using and removing your mask, wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. Tip: To figure out how long 20 seconds is, the "Jesus loves me, this I know" song lasts about 20 seconds even if you sing it fast. 

Cotton fabric exteriors, elastic bands, nose shape wire, sewn-in nonwoven polypropylene filter, shop towel filter insert for pocket. 




Bad viruses, like the coronavirus, cause infectious diseases like COVID-19 where the virus tries to take over your body and in the process makes you sick. Coronavirus is more contagious because of how microscopic the particles are, giving them the ability to float around longer. Virus material cannot live on its own but must get into a living host cell to replicate itself to continue its existence and multiply.  It gets inside your body through your eyes, nose or mouth. Once in your body through contact or by air, the glycoprotein spikes of the virus (the things that look like "coronas" or "crowns") become like an alien spaceship where they attach to host cells and inject their genetic information. Your own cells then reproduce these aliens. If your body is overwhelmed - like if you are caring for people who have the virus and you breathe in many virus particles without protection (or someone sneezes on you instead of into their elbow) your body's immune system can't make enough antibodies to keep up with the invasion and you become sick.

Wearing an effective mask minimizes the amount of virus you may take in, giving your body a fighting chance. And it protects others if you are carrying the virus and asymptomatic. To also give yourself a chance, minimize watching the panic porn that the news has become. If we live in fear and are stressed all the time we weaken our immune system. Exercise, eat right, drink water, meditate, help others, improve your mind and skillsetscreatively figure out a way to make money despite the government shutting your livelihood down, and regularly focus on things that bring you joy. 

Besides the crowny-looking proteins that stick out from a coronavirus there is also a fat layer that surrounds the virus material.  Soap, with its 2 sided molecules, is attracted to water and to fat. This pulls apart the fat layer that the little proteins are lodged in so the crowns are no longer available to latch onto your cells. The water washes the now harmless microscopic material all away. Washing 20 seconds gives the soap time to perform this action. Singing the first verse of the "Jesus Loves Me" song is about 20 seconds.

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so,
Little ones to him belong, they are weak but he is strong. 
Yes, Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so.

Reusable Fitted Fabric Mask

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