Made-in-America Shoulder Strap

Owner Linda Fritz created the shoulder strap to make it easy to carry a CRESBI crate. Order an extra adjustable shoulder strap to carry one of your crates, it's great for shopping at Farmer's Markets! Or you can shorten the strap to carry it like a basket by sliding the slider to the "B" of the first CRESBI to make a shorter strap for Colossals and CRESBIs. Slide it to the "t" with the white dot over it in the second CRESBI logo to make the strap long enough to wrap around a 2 Pack or to carry the crate over your shoulder.

The made-in-America CRESBI strap was engineered to be versatile and tough. The webbing is made by the same manufacturer used by NASA and the US Armed Forces and the custom swivel hook allows you to attach it to different parts of the crate. This is one of the defining components that sets CRESBI crates apart from any crates you may have seen on Amazon or QVC.

Watch this video to see how the adjustable shoulder strap works:

PLEASE NOTE: We are now shipping the CRESBI Adjustable Shoulder Strap without the extra hook to avoid waste since most people like to shop with the crates open.


CRESBI Shoulder Strap

  • $7.95

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