Folding Machine for commercial growersSquare Pint Sustainable Produce Container holding blueberries and cherry tomatoes

This page is for informational purposes about our lease or purchase folding machines. Please call 859-630-2694 or email  [email protected] for additional information.

All Sustainable Produce Containers sizes are available a "Kliklok" folding design that allows them to be hand or machine-formed. Kliklok is a proven technology and we have several refurbished Kliklok machines available for lease or purchase that can form up to 45 containers/minute (cpm). The machine costs around $55k and the lease price depends on your volumes. New machines can form up to 75 cpm and heads can be doubled to double output; these new ones cost around $125k.

How it works: Stacks of flat Sustainable Produce Containers are loaded into the machines to be formed. The vacuum pump de-nester pulls the flat boxes down into the machine where the appropriate size forming head plunges the side locks into place. The finished open boxes can be then hand filled or dropped onto a conveyor belt to be machine filled. Closing machines that can apply glue are also available for the Sustainable Produce Container lid to create a tamper-proof seal. Please contact [email protected] for a quote on these machines or for any questions you may have.

Primary Components of Kliklok Forming Machines

  • Plunger Head – unique to carton size
  • Cavity – where carton is placed
  • Hopper Gate – where flat cartons are loaded
  • Backplate – keeps cartons stacked
  • Agitating links – keeps carton stack moving forward
  • Vacuum Feed Bar (optional)

Kliklok Junior Specs (Refurbished)

  • Folding Speed: 45 per minute/head (a brand new one can do 75 cpm)
  • TIme to switch heads: 20-30 min to switch out a head from one size container to another
  • Size: 42" W x 56" L x 67" H (with cover closed)
  • Height with cover open = 94"
  • Power requirements: 230 V, 3 phase motor (more efficient that 110V single phase), 60hz
  • Amperage 20 amps
  • Control: Start/Stop on remote cord, 2 hand remote jog
  • Carton Control: Vacuum control to stop feed of cartons when no product is present
  • Casters for portability





This refurbished Kliklok Jr Machine costs $26,500 and a new single carton forming head (to form a Low Profile Pint or a Quart) costs $19,000 each. There are also the initial spare parts, labor, crating, installation and on-site training (about $7,500) along with shipping. Approximate purchase total: $53k


The machine can also be leased instead over a 5-year period based on carton volume, costs can range:

Containers purchased annually (additional cost per container):
50,000 (+$0.20)
100,000 (+$0.10)
500,000 (FREE)
​1,000,000 (FREE)

For a tamper-proof lock, all of the Sustainable Produce Containers have tear dots under the lid so they can be sealed like cereal boxes by a Closing Machine. Contact Linda for more information.

Sustainable Produce Container Kliklok Carton Folding Machine

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