American Eagle Ear Saver for our reusable masks

If you have to wear a mask all day it's good to get the strain off the ears and these extra long ear savers offer a way to do that.  Hook these ear savers to the loops of your mask to reduce ear pressure from the stretch bands. This USA designed (and American-made) ear saver features an American eagle on each side taking on the Coronavirus represented by the serpent that's trying to harm us and our country.  

• Provides relief from having elastic on ears over long periods of time
• Extra long flexible plastic material works with most masks
• Can be washed with soap and water and sanitized
• Unisex - fits most male, female or children's heads
• Approximate dimensions: 7.5" x 1.5"
• Can store it in the pocket of our masks
• Exact color may vary from images shown
• Profits go to local NKY food bank
• Includes FREE shipping
• Made in the USA

We started making heavy-duty reusable masks with ear loops for free to local nurses and for a reasonable cost to businesses we work with to keep our employees busy. So far one of our young entrepreneur-type employees has been making them for us with his 3D printer. To make them in quantity and to get the cost down would require creating a die and having a northern Kentucky plastics company make them. Let us know if you'd be interested in ordering our American Eagle Ear Saver design in quantity and at a lower price by calling 859-630-2694 or email [email protected]

Can be worn on top of the head, behind the ears or at the back of your neck. Use the eagle's wings or the curl of the snake to attach the ear bands.

Reusable Mask Patriotic Ear Saver

  • $3.95

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